President’s Report   - Jan-Feb 2019

Hi Folks,

The summer so far has been a cracker really. Even though there’s been a lot of wind, there’s been plenty of opportunity for us to partake in our hobby since the last newsletter. There’s been RC flying at Ferndene, Free flight and Catapult Capers at DE Havilland Drive, Control Line at the club circles, Float Planes at Lake Ratapiko, a bit of casual slope soaring at Back Beach and even a bit of indoor at the Star gym, pretty much something for everyone. Long may it continue.

2019 will be another busy year for the club and we are looking forward to lots of activity. We will continue with our theme day approach for RC flying which I believe has been successful at getting folk to try something new. Our major event for this year will be our Memorial Fly-In over the 8th – 10th March which is not too far away. The committee have been working behind the scenes to get this organised and we are expecting more visiting flyers this year. That being said, it is important that members get behind this event and come out and help with flight line duty, food prep and serving and general rousing. If we do that then we all get a fly and our guests will be happy.

It was agreed at last year’s AGM that the committee would let members know of club fees early so there is time for everyone to get organised. The fee structure is posted in this bulletin and on Facebook. You will notice a slight increase to family and senior memberships, this is due to NZMAA increasing their affiliation fees and so we are just passing that on. Our ‘club’ membership fees have not increased nor have junior and associate memberships. Speaking of AGM’s, our club AGM is set for 7pm on Friday 22nd March at the Star Gym. A good attendance is important and your input is appreciated. Attendance at the AGM does not mean that you will be expected to take on a job but it does mean that the status quo just doesn’t roll over. See you there.

Check out the write-ups in the bulletin, there’s some interesting stuff there and some nice pics. Big ups to those members who travelled all the way to Awatoto this year as support crew for our club flyers. We made a pretty good impression both in numbers and in our new club strip and I thank you personally for doing that. Roll on next year.

Right that’s it for this issue, I’ll save everything else for my report at the AGM in March. Until then.. Chocks away and safe landings




From the desk of the bulletin Editor

Hi all,

Welcome to the first bulletin for 2019. It’s been a fairly busy start to the new year with local club activity as well as away events.

Warbirds Over Awatoto being a case in point and well supported with a dozen or so NPMAC members attending including a good proportion flying.  The annual International Jet meeting at Tokoroa was also attended by club members.

Notwithstanding the away events the silver fox squadron has been enjoying the fine weather during the week if the banter on WhatsApp is any indication.

Great to see Justin’s and Mike’s new Stuka’s stalking the sky with Justin’s sporting a working siren to add to the realism. Both are able to litter the runway plastic munitions having working bomb drops.

Our Memorial Rally is only a few weeks away and I know there’s a lot of interest from out of town modellers. It’s going to be a great opportunity to catch up with them and to showcase our wonderful facilities and extend good old Taranaki hospitality once again. I’m really looking forward to it!

Remember the upcoming AGM and the need for prompt payment of the subs to maintain insurance cover.

Look forward to catching up at the field soon,

Steve B.


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