Control Line events may change to suit conditions or circumstances.  Normally, we practice until 2pm and events commence at or after 2pm.  Best to check by contacting Andrew Robinson (06) 754 3224 or

Free Flight events general start time is between 9am and 9:30am.  If the weather looks bad in the morning ring Alec Fuller (0220814799) or email at to check, as the event may be postponed to the following weekend.

Check out the calendar below for our up-coming events.

Radio Control events start at 1pm on Sundays unless advised otherwise.

The contest directors are:-

Slope Soaring/Helicopters - Allen Lawrence (06) 753 9789 or

Thermal & Electric Gliding - Allen Lawrence (06) 753 9789 or

Pylon Racing/Scale - Justin Whalley (06) 7511442  or

All club Radio Control events commence at 1pm on Sundays….

RC Events Calendar



DATE                                        EVENT/THEME


May 6th                                      Multiwing/Biplanes & Triplanes

May 20th                                  Gliders Electric/Tow etc. (We will run a 6min max/spot landing comp over 3 rounds for electric gliders for those interested on the day)

June 3rd                                   Electric Day – Fly anything electric

June 17th                                  Speed/Pylon

July 1st                                     Civilian/Agricultural/Sport flying

July 15th                                   Warbirds

July 29th                                  Multiwing/Biplanes & Triplanes

Aug 12th                                   Speed/Pylon

Aug 26th                                  Electric Day – Fly anything electric

Sept 9th                                    Warbirds

Sept 23rd                                  Floatplanes at Lake Ratapiko

Oct 7th                                      Civilian/Agricultural/Sport flying

Oct 19th                                    Indoor at TSB Stadium

Oct 21st                                    Vintage/Gliders Electric/Tow etc. (We will run a 6min max/spot landing comp over 3 rounds for electric gliders for those interested on the day, also first Vintage comp)

Nov 10th – 11th                        LMANZ rally @ Ferndene

Nov 25th                                  Speed/Pylon

Dec 16th                                   Floatplanes at Lake Ratapiko/Christmas BBQ


Jan 6th                                     Warbirds

Jan 20th                                   Floatplanes at Lake Ratapiko

Feb 3rd                                     Gliders Electric/Tow etc. (We will run a 6min max/spot landing comp over 3 rounds for electric gliders for those interested on the day)

Feb 24th                                   Electric Day – Fly anything electric

Mar 8th – 10th                         Memorial Weekend. Fri-Indoor TSB Stadium; Sat- AM Sport flying @ Ferndene, PM Floatplanes/Memorial Dinner at Lake Ratapiko; Sun- Sport flying @ Ferndene

Mar 22nd                                  AGM 7.00pm at the Star Gym

Mar 24th                                  Floatplanes at Lake Ratapiko

Apr 7th                                     Civilian/Agricultural/Sport flying

Apr 15th                                    Speed/Pylon

May 5th                                    Warbirds

May 19th                                  Multiwing/Biplanes & Triplanes


Plus 4 club nights             Dates and themes to be confirmed (Please contact Alan Paulsen with ideas for these events)


· All dates are weather dependent. The following Sundays are postponement dates except for the MANZ rally, Floatplanes and the Memorial Fly-in weekends.

· We have tried to take advantage of the summer weather with the inclusion of an extra floatplane day. We had most scheduled floatplane days last year abandoned because of the weather.

· Theme days held @ Ferndene include a club supplied BBQ lunch. A landing fee of $2 per person will be collected on the day to offset BBQ costs.

· Floatplane days will require a $10 landing fee per person to offset lake hire and BBQ costs.

· Slope Soaring – These theme days have not been included this time around as they are too weather dependent. This does not preclude members organising a day casually when the weather is suitable. This is where WhatsApp is useful – have you become part of that group?

· BARON TROPHY – Each theme day is a Baron Trophy day. This will be awarded to the flier who, in the opinion of the organisers, has participated most enthusiastically. The recipient will receive the trophy until the next theme day. They will also earn a point that is accumulated over the year. The flier with the most points earns the Baron Trophy at our annual club prize giving.